Get Busy Living : On The Verge

You guys are about to embark on a tour, can you tell us about the hardships being on the road brings?
A: Some hardships on the road besides being away from immediate family is the possibility of anything bad could happen. Maybe a venue didn’t help promote or they did but don’t want to pay out. Or the Van breaks down in the desert or snow storm. Another bad one is when people steal gear and try to sell it. Those are all pretty bad.

How many tours have you performed on?
The band has done many tours over the years but did have a period of time when we did not tour at all.

This band’s history dates back to before this new band name, has it been hard to keep the band together all these years?
It has been hard all times. People come and go due to creative differences or just want to move on. I ( Chase) am the last remaining founding member of the band. I still have the drive inside to keep pushing because I feel that even after so long that   ” Get Busy Living” has finally found its sound that nobody has heard yet.

What are some important things to remember while promoting your band?

That we all represent the “band” either positive or negative. Sometimes it can be hard to not speak on things or to speak. It can be hard to promote sometimes but try to find a way try make it fun and interesting and engaging for the fans.

Who are some of the bigger acts you’ve had the pleasure to play with?
I Prevail, Knuckle Puck, Glamour Of The Kill, The Ready Set, Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys

How important is it to support other bands? Extremely important if we want the scene to thrive.

Burn and Repeat, what made you come up with that name for the single? What does it mean to you?

The state of the world is what made me come up with the name haha. To me ,it means to not let yourself be controlled by the wealthy of the world who determine how the rest of us live our lives. Find a way to live a positive life with someone you love.

With all the things happening today in the US, what is the bands views on the madness?

Donald Trump and his family and the people who surround him will go down in history as 1 of the worst things to happen to this country. Speaking nonsense and bringing more hate, discrimination and lies is bringing us down. We as a human race are too young to understand how to coexist. The fact that racism STILL exist in 2017 just tells us we have not evolved enough as a species. We live on a rock flying through space and we are not going anywhere else anytime soon so we better figure out how to live with each other. If they keep making poor and weak minded people fight wars we don’t want and taking away small freedoms and killing unarmed men and women. At some point the tables will turn and the many will rise against the few.

Where is your favourite place to play?

Local places would be The Granada, The Aftershock and The Bottleneck.

The Viper Room in California is amazing.

A crazy tour story? Probably years sago going to the West Coast. Our bassist hit the jackpot in Las Vegas winning a good amount of money. This led to tables full of Irish Car Bombs and Vegas Bombs. Leading to walking out at 6 am with glasses of whiskey and the sun coming up. Realizing how shit we felt after drinking all night we slowly made our way to bed haha. Also in that same run the vans AC broke so 6 sweaty dudes in a van was REAL fun.


They have taken Australia by storm and are ready to break on the international scene. Take note.

Skies Collide began in 2012

February 2017 saw the band release a new single and video for the track ‘Run Wild’, which debuted on Alex Baker’s ‘Fresh Blood’ program as part of Kerrang! Radio. Skies Collide released a second single ‘Come Alive’, which premiered on Idobi Radio with Mike Fishkin on the 4th of May and was featured in two Alternative Press articles. Skies Collide released their debut album ‘The Dream & The Lie’ on the 21st of July 2017.




The bands newest album “The Dream and The Lie” was recently released, can you describe what it was like working on this album?

It was great! Recording the album was probably the most fulfilling experience we’ve had as a band so far. It was a lot of fun but also extremely challenging at times. It definitely tested our limits but it was amazing to see the transition from where it started when we were writing the first songs to where it ended up and it’s something we’re really proud of overall.

What are some issues that you feel hinder a band from breaking out on the scene these days?

That’s a tough one and it’s difficult to say generally because we’re still trying to crack the code ourselves! Having someone in a position of influence who backs your band or who you work hard for is probably the key to being afforded important opportunities.

In your mind, what does a band have to do to be successful?


You’ve got to focus on your songwriting first of all. Everything else will come after that. Successful bands also have a really strong work ethic, you can’t be lazy, you’ve always got to keep pushing to achieve your goals.

Many people don’t know this about me, but my biggest musical influence was Van Halen back in the day it made me want to pick up the guitar and start playing. Can you tell me who influences the band? and what are some of your favourite albums ?

Our guitarist Liam was inspired to play guitar by Linkin Park and Story of the Year. Tevin, our bassist, is his little brother so they grew up listening to and being inspired by mostly the same stuff. Britt was inspired to sing by bands like Paramore, Evanescence and The Veronicas. As a group these days we are generally really into pretty heavy music. One of our collective favourite bands is Architects and I think we could all say we’re influenced by Hands Like Houses and Silverstein. So a few of our favourite albums would be:
Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us & Lost Forever Lost Together
Hands Like Houses – Unimagine & Dissonants
Saosin – Saosin
Silverstein – Discovering the Water Front

How did you all meet?


Liam and Tevin are brothers and Britt and Liam actually met on GumTree when Britt’s old band were looking for a guitarist.


Who are some bands up and coming in Australia that the world should know about, besides SKIES COLLIDE?

 There’s so many great bands from our local area of Brisbane! Awaken I am are amazing and they’re such a genuine bunch of guys. Stateside are another female fronted band from Brisbane who are awesome and are about to explode. Shorelines and Joy in Motion are a couple of great newer bands from the area as well 🙂

For the super fans out there, what is your pre gig ritual?

We actually don’t really have a set pre gig ritual. It’s mostly a lot of running around panicking to set up gear, making sure everything is working and Britt freaking out side stage haha

What are the plans to promote this upcoming album?

Lots of social media spamming but we’re also looking at booking a tour of Australia for the end of the year!

Who comes up with the arrangements for the songs on the record?

Liam usually starts with the initial idea for a song, it’ll be a riff or sometimes a drum beat then he’ll flesh it out on guitar pro and sometimes track a basic demo for it then Britt will take it away and have a listen and start writing some melodies/lyrics.
The Dream & The Lie – is a pivotal album for the band. If there’s a time to get into Skies Collide its now. The album has great melodies, heavy guitars; yet is welcoming to anyone who is looking for a new favourite band to tell their friends about.  I would describe their sound as Paramore meets Thrice.

World Rock Countdown: The Verge

Days of Jupiter (Sweden)- New Awakening



The band has a very unique name, who came up with it? or where did you get it from?

Magnus: We wanted a name for the band that was quite unique so that the name didn’t sound familiar or like another bands name.

   We like that the name Jupiter is a planet, but also the roman god. Jupiter was the god of all gods, so that is cool.

 You’ve played a ton of big shows, who are some of the bigger bands you’ve played with?

    We have played a lot of festivals in Sweden with bands like Five finger death punch, W.a.s.p, Alter Bridge.

    To play festivals is really nice, you play for an enthusiastic crowd and having a good time. Also you got the chance to check out awesome bands as well!

 New Awakening is your third album, did the band have a different approach to this album?

   Our previous 2 albums was recorded in the same studio, released on the same record label. We felt that the new songs was the best we’ve ever written and was in a slightly new sound. We really wanted the songs to come out great from the studio, so we chose to work with a well-known studio in Sweden called Leon Music studios.

     Since the recording turned out really well we wanted a record label to spread our music in the best way (our previous label was mainly focusing on Scandinavia) and really give us a chance to grow as a band.

    With this new improved sound, new studio and producer, and new label Metalville we feel like it is a New Awakening!

Do you plan on touring this record?

  We are heading out to Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands to play some gigs this summer, and in the fall/winter we will play gigs in Scandinavia and hopefully some more gigs in Europe.

What is the bands ultimate goal?

  It would be really nice to be a “household name”, that the music community and listeners knows who we are. Continue to make great records and play live in as many countries possible.

Who are some of your influences?

   Our band looks for influences on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and we combines the modern American metal with classic hard rock from Europe we moulding it to our own mix and brand of Hardrock/Metal. We in the band listens to all sorts of rock music, from Death Metal to Guns `n Roses, Shinedown, Disturbed and Alter Bridge…

If you were to collaborate with any artist who would it be?

  Haven´t really thought about that.. But we will see what the future brings.

The better beer drinker?

   Magnus The drummer is really interested in beer and even brews beer at his home with mixed result…. haha. Most guys in the band likes to drink beer but we are behaving most of the times..

Whats the weirdest thing thats ever happened to the band?

  We played a gig in a small town in Sweden years ago, in the beginning of our career. There were 2 people in the audience, and one of them was bounced from the venue by the security…Huge success!!!



The album kicks off with an infectious track called “We Will Never Die.”  This song is a hit, its heavy, melodic, and has killer vocals.  Jan Hilli really hits it home on this record with a remarkable vocal performance for the ages. His vocals definitely remind me of M.Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) blended with the power of an 80’s power metal vocalist.

The guitars really complement the vocals, and the percussion drives it home – to make it a euphoric listening experience like no other.

New Awakening is produced very well, and applauds the bands hard work ethic.  Expect heavy riffs, powerful drumming, and emotion driven vocals that will have you hooked from the beginning.

This record solidifies Days of Jupiter’s place as a heavy hitter in emerging rock n roll.


Metallica in Toronto.

After many years of blasting Metallica in my car, home and headphone…I finally did it. By that I mean, somehow got lucky with tickets and 8 months later found myself at the Skydome in Toronto. Is there a bigger band right now? Metallica has done it all. They we’re also very appreciative for all the support they’ve had over the years, and reminisced about their first time in Toronto – playing a small concert hall and gradually growing to host shows at the Skydome. Despite their age, the band gave us a full energy 2 hour performance with a really cool interlude for “Now That We’re Dead” – You gotta see this!

Here’s a Tribute to Toronto from Metallica.

Greta Van Fleet –

This band is blowing up. Sometimes nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan. The song Highway Tune was originally released on the bands debut EP back in 2014. In fact it was a live recorded EP from the bands show, just over the river from me in Michigan – America’s next big band was born. Everyone digs this band, there is no haters..just envious people who wish they can sing like Robert Plant. The bands new album Black Smoke Rising is as raw, dirty and rock n roll as they come. Buy it here :

Things are getting saucy..

It’s the most unlikely collaboration. “Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson unite to form musical supergroup “The Nuclear Power Trio” to promote world peace!”, featuring Nick Schendzielos, Greg Burgess, and Pete Webber respectively. With the tensions at an all time high, and the threat of nuclear war looming in the air, the timing is just right to get together and solve our problems with an epic fusion jam that’s sure to incite world peace.

The Storm Within – Evergrey

If you haven’t heard of Evergrey, the thriving band from Sweden playing all these big festival shows with the massive headlining acts we’ve all come to love. They are the real deal, we can officially put their name beside some of the biggest Swedish bands of all time like Inflames, Soilwork , Opeth, The Hives and maybe even the legendary ABBA. The new record “ The Storm Within” it’s just one of those records that you can keep on your phone, music player, or in your car for 6 months and never get tired of it. In fact, its one of those records that you’re going to be telling your friends about, so dig in now. It’s got solid harmonies, the catchiest hooks, and groovy yet heavy guitar riffs that just pull you in. Evergrey’s songs are written the right way and by that I mean they write songs that will emotionally connect with you in some sort of way. It’s a solid record that will have you going from beginning to end. Expect iconic powerful choruses, fist pumping guitar riffs with a hint of Swedish melody( reference the song: Someday), and lyrics with meaning.


Track Listing:
1. “Distance”
2. “Passing Through”
3. “Someday”
4. “Astray”
5. “The Impossible”
6. “My Allied Ocean”
7. “In Orbit” (featuring Floor Jansen)
8. “The Lonely Monarch”
9. “The Paradox of the Flame” (featuring Carina Englund)
10. “Disconnect” (featuring Floor Jansen)
11. “The Storm Within”

We’re all still in shock.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you Chris. Your music not only inspired my music career, but helped many of us through hard times. Hearing about your death actually devastated me. Over the past couple of years we’ve had a number of musicians pass, but nothing hit me harder than this. Chris will be remembered for being the ultimate front man with the 4 octave voice. May your memory be eternal.

Footage of his last show in Detroit.