You guys are about to embark on a tour, can you tell us about the hardships being on the road brings?
A: Some hardships on the road besides being away from immediate family is the possibility of anything bad could happen. Maybe a venue didn’t help promote or they did but don’t want to pay out. Or the Van breaks down in the desert or snow storm. Another bad one is when people steal gear and try to sell it. Those are all pretty bad.

How many tours have you performed on?
The band has done many tours over the years but did have a period of time when we did not tour at all.

This band’s history dates back to before this new band name, has it been hard to keep the band together all these years?
It has been hard all times. People come and go due to creative differences or just want to move on. I ( Chase) am the last remaining founding member of the band. I still have the drive inside to keep pushing because I feel that even after so long that   ” Get Busy Living” has finally found its sound that nobody has heard yet.

What are some important things to remember while promoting your band?

That we all represent the “band” either positive or negative. Sometimes it can be hard to not speak on things or to speak. It can be hard to promote sometimes but try to find a way try make it fun and interesting and engaging for the fans.

Who are some of the bigger acts you’ve had the pleasure to play with?
I Prevail, Knuckle Puck, Glamour Of The Kill, The Ready Set, Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys

How important is it to support other bands? Extremely important if we want the scene to thrive.

Burn and Repeat, what made you come up with that name for the single? What does it mean to you?

The state of the world is what made me come up with the name haha. To me ,it means to not let yourself be controlled by the wealthy of the world who determine how the rest of us live our lives. Find a way to live a positive life with someone you love.

With all the things happening today in the US, what is the bands views on the madness?

Donald Trump and his family and the people who surround him will go down in history as 1 of the worst things to happen to this country. Speaking nonsense and bringing more hate, discrimination and lies is bringing us down. We as a human race are too young to understand how to coexist. The fact that racism STILL exist in 2017 just tells us we have not evolved enough as a species. We live on a rock flying through space and we are not going anywhere else anytime soon so we better figure out how to live with each other. If they keep making poor and weak minded people fight wars we don’t want and taking away small freedoms and killing unarmed men and women. At some point the tables will turn and the many will rise against the few.

Where is your favourite place to play?

Local places would be The Granada, The Aftershock and The Bottleneck.

The Viper Room in California is amazing.

A crazy tour story? Probably years sago going to the West Coast. Our bassist hit the jackpot in Las Vegas winning a good amount of money. This led to tables full of Irish Car Bombs and Vegas Bombs. Leading to walking out at 6 am with glasses of whiskey and the sun coming up. Realizing how shit we felt after drinking all night we slowly made our way to bed haha. Also in that same run the vans AC broke so 6 sweaty dudes in a van was REAL fun.

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