World Rock Countdown – Exclusive : Phantom Atlantic

World Rock Countdown – Exclusive : Phantom Atlantic



Phantom Atlantic is an alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario consisting of members Kyle Brunet (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Stam (lead guitar/keys/vocals), Jeff Burling (bass), and Ken Grisé (drums/vocals). Formed in late 2015 as an open-minded, collaborative exploration of musical and philosophical ideas, their eclectic sound ranges from the energetic to the serene.


Today is a very good #newmusicfriday because we have the debut record from Phantom Atlantic being released on all major distribution networks around the world. After hearing the new EP before its release, I will tell you the music is infectious and very well put together. You’re left wanting more at the end…(here’s hoping for more music or a full length in the near future) – With a rhythm section bromance, an aspiration to see how they would sound if they collaborated with Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar at the same time, Phantom Atlantic brings a very down to earth feel to their music. These guys are talented, and came out of know where. It’s been a long time coming for the band and today is the special day for them. Give them a listen. ..Welcome to the World Rock Countdown.

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