On The Verge: In Motive

On The Verge: In Motive


In Motive is a band that successfully blends melody and the right amount of heavy. They have one of the most inviting sounds i’ve heard in years. The music is just perfect.  Formed by members of Born of Osiris, and City in the Sea, the band is setting the stage for something huge..so be on the lookout.

Check out the interview below!

At what point did you realize that you guys had something worth producing?

Devin Barrus (vocalist): When I first joined In Motive it wasn’t at the point where the question was being asked if the music was formidable to be produced. It was already established, the songs just needed tweaking at best.

In Motive, Jonathan Davis, and their engineer Allan Hessler

How was Recording with Jonathan Davis? Were you nervous? What are some things you’ve learned from him?

Devin: Jonathan Davis was one of the nicest most “down to earth” type of people I’ve ever met at that status of success. He isn’t full of himself or a “rockstar” type persona which made working with him that much more enjoyable. At first I was a bit nervous to meet JD, I had no idea what to expect, but like I said he was such a nice guy and made us all super comfortable. Jonathan really helped In Motive make the most out of the songs we took in, and as a vocalist he understood what worked and what didn’t for my voice even coming from such a drastically different place stylistically as a singer. He cut out “the fat” in our arrangements and it was great to work with a producer who understood the importance of song structure, hook, and top line.

Some band members come from a relatively heavier musical background ( Born of Osiris) can you explain how hard or easy it was to adapt to this style of music?

Devin: I think everybody in this band besides me comes from a heavier background. Both Born of Osiris and City In The Sea are pretty rooted in the meadow Progressive scene where I’ve come from more of a pop -rock/ alternative background. I definitely think everybody in this band has adapted to all of those Styles in some shape or form. I definitely wouldn’t label In Motive as anything “Heavy/Prog” or anything “Pop Alternative” but it definitely pulls from both styles which makes it interesting.

What motivates you?

Devin: For me that’s a simple question my biggest motivator is to influence, Inspire, and to continually grow as an artist and performer. I want to push the boundaries of music itself and create a legacy for myself. I think so many bands and artists get caught up in trying to be quote on quote “The next big thing” but they really miss out on the intricacies of your own unique voice(quite literally in my position). It’s a genuine process full of failure and sometimes success. My journey has just been to find that and I think I am on the right path.

You’ve probably have some good memories on tour, for a band that’s just beginning their touring career what’s some advice you can give them?

Lee Mckinney (guitarist): I’d say that it’s important in the early years of touring to be as professional as possible. Don’t show up late, load in at the correct time, keep your gear confined to a small area, and be ready on a moments notice to get it on stage! Other than that, just enjoy the experience. Try to remember that if you are a group that gets to travel the world playing music, you should be thankful and never take it for granted!

What does the future hold for In Motive?

Devin: We are gearing up to release more music, tour, and grow our fan base. This is just the beginning for us

– Pick up a copy of their latest singles here. Itunes – In Motive

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