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Days of Jupiter (Sweden)- New Awakening


The band has a very unique name, who came up with it? or where did you get it from?

Magnus: We wanted a name for the band that was quite unique so that the name didn’t sound familiar or like another bands name.

   We like that the name Jupiter is a planet, but also the roman god. Jupiter was the god of all gods, so that is cool.

 You’ve played a ton of big shows, who are some of the bigger bands you’ve played with?

    We have played a lot of festivals in Sweden with bands like Five finger death punch, W.a.s.p, Alter Bridge.

    To play festivals is really nice, you play for an enthusiastic crowd and having a good time. Also you got the chance to check out awesome bands as well!

 New Awakening is your third album, did the band have a different approach to this album?

   Our previous 2 albums was recorded in the same studio, released on the same record label. We felt that the new songs was the best we’ve ever written and was in a slightly new sound. We really wanted the songs to come out great from the studio, so we chose to work with a well-known studio in Sweden called Leon Music studios.

     Since the recording turned out really well we wanted a record label to spread our music in the best way (our previous label was mainly focusing on Scandinavia) and really give us a chance to grow as a band.

    With this new improved sound, new studio and producer, and new label Metalville we feel like it is a New Awakening!

Do you plan on touring this record?

  We are heading out to Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands to play some gigs this summer, and in the fall/winter we will play gigs in Scandinavia and hopefully some more gigs in Europe.

What is the bands ultimate goal?

  It would be really nice to be a “household name”, that the music community and listeners knows who we are. Continue to make great records and play live in as many countries possible.

Who are some of your influences?

   Our band looks for influences on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and we combines the modern American metal with classic hard rock from Europe we moulding it to our own mix and brand of Hardrock/Metal. We in the band listens to all sorts of rock music, from Death Metal to Guns `n Roses, Shinedown, Disturbed and Alter Bridge…

If you were to collaborate with any artist who would it be?

  Haven´t really thought about that.. But we will see what the future brings.

The better beer drinker?

   Magnus The drummer is really interested in beer and even brews beer at his home with mixed result…. haha. Most guys in the band likes to drink beer but we are behaving most of the times..

Whats the weirdest thing thats ever happened to the band?

  We played a gig in a small town in Sweden years ago, in the beginning of our career. There were 2 people in the audience, and one of them was bounced from the venue by the security…Huge success!!!



The album kicks off with an infectious track called “We Will Never Die.”  This song is a hit, its heavy, melodic, and has killer vocals.  Jan Hilli really hits it home on this record with a remarkable vocal performance for the ages. His vocals definitely remind me of M.Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) blended with the power of an 80’s power metal vocalist.

The guitars really complement the vocals, and the percussion drives it home – to make it a euphoric listening experience like no other.

New Awakening is produced very well, and applauds the bands hard work ethic.  Expect heavy riffs, powerful drumming, and emotion driven vocals that will have you hooked from the beginning.

This record solidifies Days of Jupiter’s place as a heavy hitter in emerging rock n roll.

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