Mick Jagger slips under the radar with solo release

Mick Jagger slips under the radar with solo release



The legendary frontman is busy right now with The Rolling Stones tour in Europe, but seems that Mick Jagger’s new singles slipped under the radar this past summer.  Which blew me away. For a guy who’s got over 700,000 subscribers on Youtube his new video only has close to 1 million views.  Mick released 2 songs this summer England Lost and Gotta Get A Grip.

Gotta Get A Grip hit the second spot on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart – was in the top 50 on the charts in Mexico and France. 

The second single: England Lost experienced less success, but reached a top 50 spot on Twitters Top Tracks Chart coming in at #44. 

At 74 years of age, Mick still has what it takes to create new music and perform on stage like a guy in his early 20’s.  You can catch England Lost on this weeks episode of the World Rock Countdown.


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