Artist On The Verge: Citizen Soldier

Artist On The Verge: Citizen Soldier

These rockers from Salt Lake City, Utah, are creating some of the best music of 2017.  When I stumbled on Citizen Soldier’s song “Buried Alive” it spoke to me and should do the same for you. This single is emotional and has purpose. Its one of those songs that will hit home for many people across this world – Mental illness is not spoken about enough and the band is trying to bring it to the forefront.

“Mental illness is not an excuse. Those who struggle with Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD or any mental disorder are not pretending to suffer just because they are desperate for attention. * Read more below Raise your voice with us. Speak out against mental health stigma.”  – Citizen Soldier

The band has been in tough times, and constantly tells its listeners and music fans worldwide that they’re there for them no matter what.  Encouraging people to reach out to them for help.



We live in a society that is quick to condemn those who look, think, and act differently than we do. We must stop demonizing what we do not understand. So, in our new single “15 Minutes of Fame,” we decided to take you inside the mind of someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Help us fight mental illness stigma by sharing this video with your family and friends. – Citizen Soldier

If you’re looking for music that stands for something, then this is your new favourite group. Citizen Soldier holds the power to revolutionize the world with its catchy, emotion filled music. For fans of Shinedown, Through Fire, Failure Anthem, and Breaking Benjamin.


Here’s the most recent release from Citizen Soldier –


Lead Vocalist Jake Segura grew up on albums such as Shinedown’s “Sound of Madness” and Alter Bridge’s “Blackbird.” Segura grew up in a small town where his taste in music was not appreciated, so he never pursued songwriting seriously as a teenager. He became further discouraged from the industry after being kicked out his first band because of his lack of vocal ability. As a college student, he began to struggle with manic depression, anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. After spending days in bed at a time and flunking out of school, he found himself too afraid to ask for help for fear of the judgement of others. In November of 2015, he attempted suicide. Segura penned the lyrics to Let It Burn on a napkin from his hospital bed, a song that would be released on the band’s debut E.P. Caroline. That experience gave him the drive to finally take his pursuit of music seriously with a strong desire to write music that would help combat mental illness stigma and help others struggling to know they are not alone.

After many attempts at getting a band together the final lineup was completed with Jake Segura on vocals, Matt Duffney and Kooper Hanosky on guitar, Wonitta Rivero on Bass, and Tyler Nichols on drums. The band name Citizen Soldier is the band’s attempt to personify the battles waged inside and the band’s goal to shine a light on the everyday struggles of those who feel overlooked and unappreciated. New to the Salt Lake City scene in early 2017, Citizen Soldier is in its infancy but working relentlessly to make a name for themselves. The band’s music has been inspired/influenced by bands such as Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, and Red.

5 thoughts on “Artist On The Verge: Citizen Soldier

  • The first time I have discovered this band, I kept listening to their songs all non stop. They are really amazing. I hope they continue their great work 😀

  • When I heard Citizen soldier Let it burn it brought so many memories from my past and this band has been touching my heart and everyday this has made me stand up and now I will always listen to this song everyday because this song from Let it burn. If you lived through hell you should be glad and be proud on how you became don’t ashamed we all have been down that road but as in his song “All that hell you have seen” “You have survived” and know what be glad, this is a amazing band and if you really want something to touch it’s this band. I want everyone to have a good day and a good night where ever you are and stay strong because you have people caring for you.

  • Love their music. Every song has had a major impact emotionally. Caroline was one that resonated with me because of things I’ve witnessed as a kid. And Let It Burn hit me hard on things I’ve experienced. Can’t wait to hear new songs from these guys.

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