World Rock Countdown Exclusive: P.O.D.

World Rock Countdown Exclusive: P.O.D.

It may be a blast from the past for some of you, but P.O.D. has always been on my bucket list of bands to see live.  They just returned with a new track called Soundboy Killa. Unlike many bands before who’ve tried making a comeback, P.O.D. has really stuck to their could you not love that?  That fact alone, makes me love them that much more!  The new track is amazing, it has the bands signature sound and more.

People keep forgetting that this band gave Katy Perry a chance to sing on their track “Goodbye for Now” back in 2006. This was back before Katy even broke out.

Here’s some stats on the song.

US Billboard Hot 100 48
US Billboard Alternative Songs 25
US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks 17

This band doesn’t get enough credit for all the work its done. Their discography speaks for itself – check out the vids below!

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