Inside the Music: Project 86

Inside the Music: Project 86

Get ready for a fantastic record on December 5th. I have listened to it and well I hate to spill the beans for you, but its killer. For all you who haven’t heard of the band Project 86, they’re a breath of fresh air to your ears. Each song is something different, with every record they strive to become better. You literally don’t know what to expect with their music, which is kinda exciting.

They’ve got a Pledgemusic campaign that I recommend that you support. When you sign up you get an instant EP download. The band vows to keep you entertained with new material, and of course some cool perks.

Here’s Andrew Schwab of Project 86 speaking with George –

Inside the Music: Project 86

You can check out their first single MHS of Sheep Among Wolves.

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