Inside the Music: Ghost Ship Octavius

Inside the Music: Ghost Ship Octavius


George speaks with the band in the newest WRC exclusive – listen below – GSO talks about the new record, origins, and net neutrality.

Inside The Music : Ghost Ship Octavius


Originally founded in order to play some of Chris Amott’s solo work, Matthew Wickland joined forces with the Arch Enemy guitarist at the time to perform a few shows abroad. With that joined Van Williams, who’s career has taken him all over the world playing drums for Nevermore.  Bring in Adōn Fanion on vocals and this band instantly becomes a force to be reckoned with. Amott, eventually left the band to pursue other musical interests. Usually when someone leaves the band with such stature – it usually means the band is done. But this could have been the best thing to ever happen to Ghost Ship Octavius. There first album was completely remarkable with songs like Mills of the Gods, In Dreams, and 9 more tracks that will completely stick deep in your ear.

In 2018, the band will release its second record called Delirium. Which was completely funded by kickstarter. GSO, will accompany that with an extensive tour across North America and quite possibly Europe.  It’s time to turn your head and pay attention to Ghost Ship Octavius.

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