30 Artists You Need To Hear From 2017

30 Artists You Need To Hear From 2017

2017, was filled with great finds. The World Rock Countdown has discovered and uncovered thousands of bands this past year. This is a list of the 30 bands you need to hear from the past year. Lets get started!

  1. IN MOTIVE (USA)  – Out of all the bands discovered on the first season of the World Rock Countdown, this band is one of the fan favourites. The only bad thing about this band is that we don’t have new music! – we remain on the hook with two great singles.

    2.  Young Kings (UK)  –  One of the most talented upcoming bands in the UK. Hard working musicians, who’ve got a solid emotional feel to their music.

    3.  Middle Kids (Australia) – if Elton John loves them, so should you!

    4.  Days of Jupiter (Sweden), our first feature on the show we awarded to this band. They’ve got an silky smooth hard rock sound that will keep you coming back for more!

    5. Skies Collide (Australia), they’ve got such a promising sound that I am more than positive they’ll be playing big stages around the world in the upcoming years. Definitely one of my favourites, give them a listen and get hooked!

    6.  The Penelopes (France) – for fans of July Talk and U2. They’ve got this interesting feel about their tunes. It’s an indescribable feeling. I usually enjoy this groups music best with a bottle of red and a few friends.

    7.  Super Best Friends Club (UK), probably the closest resemblance I’ve heard to the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever!  The bands name clearly is self explanatory. Get into the groove.

    8.  Jesper Binzer (Denmark), smokin’ hot Danish rock who’s quickly taking over Europe.

    9. Ghost Atlas (USA) – one of the best finds from USA in the year 2017. A band to look out for in 2018!

    10.  Marina City (USA), rocking out of Chicago. If you’re looking for a band wagon to get on before it breaks out Marina City is one of those bands.

    11. Mallory Knox (UK) – one of the WRC’s crowned jewels. Been banging my head since discovering Mallory Knox.

    12.  Vistas (UK) – you’ll love this band.

    13.  Hundred Suns (Canada) – features members from Norma Jean, Dead And Divine, and Everytime I Die.

    14.  Citizen Soldier (USA), I love a band that stands for something.

    15.  grandson (Canada), was ecstatic to see him open up for one of my favourite bands. Keep grandson on your watch list for 2018!

    16. Beat Steaks (Germany) –  addictive German rock n roll!

    17.  Hippo Campus (USA) – very ambient alternative rock.  Goes well with surfing the net, or taking a nice cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway on a beautiful summer day!

    18. Shout Out Louds (Sweden) , one the worlds best bands right here!

    19.  IOV  (Canada), can it get any better? emotion driven rock recorded at Abbey Road Studios

    20.  SHAKA PONK (FRANCE) – There’s generational talents out there still..no reason to get worried.

    21. Kingswood (Australia), one of the most promising bands discovered on The World Rock Countdown. A generational talent out of Australia. Get Stoked!

    22.  Cleopatrick (Canada), could these guys save Canadian rock and roll?

    23. Normandie (Sweden), catchy hooks and entertaining melody driven guitar riffs. Get your chant on!

    24.  Wilder (USA), alternative folk rock outta Nashville!

    25. Mainland (USA), this could be the catchiest song of 2017. Even Perez Hilton loves them! Dig in. You will hear this on your radio in 2018

    26.  Of Allies (UK), hard rock headed for world domination!

    27.  Merge (France) , an emerging artist out of France who’s got smooth choruses and an amazing sound.

    28. These New South Wales (Australia), takes there influences and puts them on display in this track. Think vintage punk rock mixed with some newer Iggy Pop.

    29. The White Dominos (Denmark) – Mix the rock with some good old groove from 80’s disco.

    30. DRMCTHR (USA), gives me the Deftones feel mixed with some more ambient guitars.

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