Inside The Music: Vendetta Red

Inside The Music: Vendetta Red

The World Rock Countdown catches up with lead singer from Seattles’ Vendetta Red – ZACH DAVIDSON


 Growing up and living in Seattle during one of the biggest musical revolutions in history must have been quite exciting. Can you share your experience?

 I grew up in Porterville California but when I moved to Seattle in ’98 there was an incredible music scene that I loved. Grunge was definitely not happening in the underground but there were some fantastic punk bands and indie bands, and acid was very cheap and readily accessible.

 Being able to play the 20th Anniversary Show of Nirvana’s Nevermind would be quite an honour. Explain what Nirvana and the whole grunge movement meant to the band?

Nirvana was the first band that proved to me that every single song on your album should be fucking incredible. I really loved the bohemian aesthetic but honestly most of the music was fucking boring. I loved Nirvana and Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam’s 10, Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger, but once every band started copying them I just really fell out of love quick. I really got into Radiohead and The Pixies around that time.

 Vendetta Red, where does the name derive from?

I dont know. originally I just thought it sounded bad ass and then I discovered that its a nail polish color, a star trek novel, and a bunch of other pop culture novelties.

Being through so many breakups or hiatus’s as a band, what are some of the struggles that the band itself has endured trying to move forward ?

Our biggest struggle to date has been against ourselves, we have succumbed to negativity and self doubt, and we have allowed our failures to stall our growth and inhibit our potential. Overcoming them has been a challenge but we are in an emotionally strong, powerful, positive place right now and I feel like we can conquer the world.

You’re working on a brand new record.  What can your fans expect outta Vendetta Red this time around?

Fans can expect a lyrically positive and soul reflecting album. Ive been writing from a new perspective of fatherhood, and happiness that I dont think our fans have ever seen from us before. Also the songs are fucking amazing. Theres some cool electronic creepy elements and some beautiful arrangements by my man burke. This is probably our best album.

Pre Order Vendetta Red’s New Record Quinceañera here:

 If you’re looking for musical inspiration, what are a few records you’d pull out and listen too?

I love listening to Radiohead Pablo Honey the songs are so so good and I love the energy. I often revisit U2’s Achtung baby, Echo and the Bunnymen’s Ocean rain, and Morrissey of course. Suede is another big one for me guitar wise.

 How has the music business changed since the inception of the band?

Its still the same really just different tools to provide music to an audience and generate revenue for the pleasure. The only differences are in the delivery systems. digits and what not.
Thank you for the interview.

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