George brings his revolutionary new radio show to life by pushing boundaries and featuring today’s hottest bands, yet to be discovered….This is the World Rock Countdown.


this week featuring

The Dead Love –  Wake Up (Australia)

Shangrila – Temptress (Australia)

Idle Lives – Distress Signal (USA)

Silent Rival – Just One Voice (USA)

The Faceplants – Unholy (Canada)

Bend Sinister – Gang of Wolves (Canada)

Deap Vally – Bring it On (USA)

Dilly Dally –  I feel Free (CANADA)

  Slothrust – Peach (USA)

Valeras – PainKiller (UK)

World Rock Countdown- Season 2 Episode 20

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George brings his revolutionary show The World Rock Countdown to life, by discovering bands from all over the world…you’ve yet to discover!

Featured this week:  Larkins (UK), Radioblack (USA), Mourners (USA), Darren Gooder (CANADA), Indoor Pets (UK), Monico Blonde (UK), Honey Arcade (UK), Wharves (Australia), Locals (UK), Wrong Turn Again (Sweden)


World Rock Countdown Season 2: Episode 15

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