This week we discover new rock from these artists: Bollywood (India), Deadset Society (Canada), Sleep Science (Canada), The Morningsiders (USA), Cabbage (UK), Rivals (USA), Queen Zee (UK) , The New Age (USA), Savage Hands (USA), and The Dangerous Summer

World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP#6

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Every week uncover and discover 10 brand new artists. This is the journey to find the generational talent of tomorrow.

FEVA (UK), Holy Bouncer (Spain), Prism Tats (South Africa), Saytr Play (UK), Offended by Everything (USA), Before I Turn (USA), SKIES (UK), Skylines (USA) High Tropics (Australia), Assuming We Survive (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP #5

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This week we feature:  MESSER (USA), Rival Town (Canada), After The Lounge ( Canada), Turnstile (USA), Lucia (UK), Anteros (UK), October Ends (UK), The Garden (USA),  Pleasure Heads (UK), Year of The Locust (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP #4

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Welcome to Season 2! This week we discovered: Siamese Cats (JAPAN), Incase We Crash ( Canada), Chief State (Canada), NU-95 (USA), Ded Rabbit (UK), Homebound (UK), Solence (Sweden), Turbo Wolf (UK), The Vaccines (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP #1

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Our first guest for season 2 of the World Rock Countdown, was discovered on the 13th installment of the show in 2017.  He recently finished a tour with the Glorious Sons in Canada, and is surely going to completely blowup in 2018. With 600,00 followers on Spotify, and growing. grandson is an up and coming artist who’s got what it takes to make serious splash on the music industry. His music is real, speaks truth, and definitely holds nothing back. 

He’s determined and for the first time in a long time, I honestly feel really inspired by an artists’ story.  grandson, is a very driven, well spoken person, who will no doubt meet his musical goals.  He’s got a confidence in himself that many artists lack these days, and this is what sets him apart from the rest.  You need to believe in yourself to succeed and grandson has what it takes.   Click play to hear podcast below: 

Inside the Music: grandson

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George returns with his revolutionizing radio show at your hands. Featuring some of the best rock n roll around. This week hear music from: Call Me Moon (CANADA), Detour (USA), Septa (Ukraine), BiSH (Japan), Reigning Days (UK), Foreign Air (USA) , This is Decibel (USA), Vicious(USA), Castlecomer ( Australia) , Bleacher Days (USA)

Episode #20 – World Rock Countdown

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This week we feature artists like Amber Town (Italy), Belle Haven (Australia), Thornhill (Australia), The Unguided (Sweden), Modern Whale (USA), Early Humans (USA), Speech Patterns – High Regard (USA), Mt. Joy (USA), Luna Bay (UK), Hightown Parade (UK)

Episode #19 – World Rock Countdown

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Features emerging artists from all over the globe! This week: IOV (Canada), The Himalayas (UK), Normandie (Sweden), Cleopatrick (Canada), The White Domino’s (Denmark),  Sophisticated Dingo (Australia),  Capitano (Germany/Canada), Polaris (Australia), Island Apollo (USA),  Tired Lion ( Australia)

Episode #17 – World Rock Countdown

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Features:  Of Allies (UK), Merge (France/UK), Otherkin (Ireland), We Were Sharks (Canada), The Hunna (UK), DRMCTHR (USA), Oxen Free (USA), Domiko (JAPAN), Big Spring (UK), Mainland (USA)

Episode #16 – World Rock Countdown

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Behold the top 10 bands you need to hear this week! Discover new rock from: The Amazons, Centerfolds, Coat Check Girl , Cold Years, Fame on Fire, The Score, Only Shadows, coldrain, Newspeak, Shungudzo

Episode #15 – World Rock Countdown

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