George brings his revolutionary new radio show to life by pushing boundaries and featuring today’s hottest bands, yet to be discovered….This is the World Rock Countdown.


Featuring these artists!

Cut Glass Kings – Shadow of You (UK

Elliot Root – Wicked Lies (USA)

Northern National – Slow Down (USA)

The Unlikely Candidates – Oh My Dear Lord (USA)

Hundredth – Youth (USA)

No Fit State – On Your Own (UK)

The Faim – Summer is A  Curse (Australia)

Trophy Eyes – You Can Count on ME (Australia)

Bakers Eddy – Good Decisions (New Zealand)

Captives -Paint it In Blue (USA)

World Rock Countdown: Season 2 Episode 17

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George brings his revolutionary show The World Rock Countdown to life, by discovering bands from all over the world…you’ve yet to discover!

Featured this week:  Larkins (UK), Radioblack (USA), Mourners (USA), Darren Gooder (CANADA), Indoor Pets (UK), Monico Blonde (UK), Honey Arcade (UK), Wharves (Australia), Locals (UK), Wrong Turn Again (Sweden)


World Rock Countdown Season 2: Episode 15

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This is the first interview I did for the World Rock Countdown. Recorded in 2017, on a hot sunny day downtown Toronto. This takes place on a restaurant patio, a friend and I met Evergrey there and this is what happened..take a listen!

World Rock Countdown Season 2: EP #7 – EVERGREY

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Welcome to Season 2! This week we discovered: Siamese Cats (JAPAN), Incase We Crash ( Canada), Chief State (Canada), NU-95 (USA), Ded Rabbit (UK), Homebound (UK), Solence (Sweden), Turbo Wolf (UK), The Vaccines (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP #1

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This week we feature artists like Amber Town (Italy), Belle Haven (Australia), Thornhill (Australia), The Unguided (Sweden), Modern Whale (USA), Early Humans (USA), Speech Patterns – High Regard (USA), Mt. Joy (USA), Luna Bay (UK), Hightown Parade (UK)

Episode #19 – World Rock Countdown

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Features emerging artists from all over the globe! This week: IOV (Canada), The Himalayas (UK), Normandie (Sweden), Cleopatrick (Canada), The White Domino’s (Denmark),  Sophisticated Dingo (Australia),  Capitano (Germany/Canada), Polaris (Australia), Island Apollo (USA),  Tired Lion ( Australia)

Episode #17 – World Rock Countdown

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Top 10 bands you need to hear this week : Holy Wars (USA), Hippo Campus( USA), Plastic Picnic (USA), Judas (UK), BLOXX (UK), Are We Static (UK), The Magic Gang (UK), Martin Skar Berger (Norway), Shout Out Louds (Sweden), Attractions (Japan)

The New Single from A Perfect Circle, and a heartfelt tribute to Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip – R.I.P

Plus – What would you do if you came home to find a naked woman on your couch?,  Did Florida Police actually think Krispy Creme glaze was a drug? and more!


Episode #14 – World Rock Countdown

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Citizen Soldier (USA),  Loveless (UK),  Matt Mays (Canada). The Beatsteaks (Germany), Grandson ( Canada), Far From Alaska (Brazil), Dube (Canada), Catholic Action (Scotland), The Blue Stones ( Canada), Lovelytheband (USA)

Episode #12 -World Rock Countdown

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Featuring: Alvvays (Canada), Ten Tonnes (UK), Stereophonics (UK), P.O.D (USA), Hundred Suns (Canada), Annisokay (Germany), Rescue Rangers (France), Another Days Armor (USA), Wild Lies (England), Across The Atlantic (USA)

Episode #11 – World Rock Countdown

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Featuring: Written By Wolves (New Zealand), Resolve (France), Our Last Night (USA), Arcane Roots (England), The Pale White (England), Owel (USA), Western Scene (USA), Metz (Canada) , Tigress (England), Awake at Last (Denmark)

Episode #10 – World Rock Countdown

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