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Metallica in Toronto.

After many years of blasting Metallica in my car, home and headphone…I finally did it. By that I mean, somehow got lucky with tickets and 8 months later found myself at the Skydome in Toronto. Is there a bigger band right now? Metallica has done it all. They we’re also very appreciative for all the support they’ve had over the years, and reminisced about their first time in Toronto – playing a small concert hall and gradually growing to host shows at the Skydome. Despite their age, the band gave us a full energy 2 hour performance with a really cool interlude for “Now That We’re Dead” – You gotta see this!

Here’s a Tribute to Toronto from Metallica.

Greta Van Fleet –

This band is blowing up. Sometimes nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan. The song Highway Tune was originally released on the bands debut EP back in 2014. In fact it was a live recorded EP from the bands show, just over the river from me in Michigan – America’s next big band was born. Everyone digs this band, there is no haters..just envious people who wish they can sing like Robert Plant. The bands new album Black Smoke Rising is as raw, dirty and rock n roll as they come. Buy it here :

Things are getting saucy..

It’s the most unlikely collaboration. “Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson unite to form musical supergroup “The Nuclear Power Trio” to promote world peace!”, featuring Nick Schendzielos, Greg Burgess, and Pete Webber respectively. With the tensions at an all time high, and the threat of nuclear war looming in the air, the timing is just right to get together and solve our problems with an epic fusion jam that’s sure to incite world peace.

The Storm Within – Evergrey

If you haven’t heard of Evergrey, the thriving band from Sweden playing all these big festival shows with the massive headlining acts we’ve all come to love. They are the real deal, we can officially put their name beside some of the biggest Swedish bands of all time like Inflames, Soilwork , Opeth, The Hives and maybe even the legendary ABBA. The new record “ The Storm Within” it’s just one of those records that you can keep on your phone, music player, or in your car for 6 months and never get tired of it. In fact, its one of those records that you’re going to be telling your friends about, so dig in now. It’s got solid harmonies, the catchiest hooks, and groovy yet heavy guitar riffs that just pull you in. Evergrey’s songs are written the right way and by that I mean they write songs that will emotionally connect with you in some sort of way. It’s a solid record that will have you going from beginning to end. Expect iconic powerful choruses, fist pumping guitar riffs with a hint of Swedish melody( reference the song: Someday), and lyrics with meaning.


Track Listing:
1. “Distance”
2. “Passing Through”
3. “Someday”
4. “Astray”
5. “The Impossible”
6. “My Allied Ocean”
7. “In Orbit” (featuring Floor Jansen)
8. “The Lonely Monarch”
9. “The Paradox of the Flame” (featuring Carina Englund)
10. “Disconnect” (featuring Floor Jansen)
11. “The Storm Within”

We’re all still in shock.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you Chris. Your music not only inspired my music career, but helped many of us through hard times. Hearing about your death actually devastated me. Over the past couple of years we’ve had a number of musicians pass, but nothing hit me harder than this. Chris will be remembered for being the ultimate front man with the 4 octave voice. May your memory be eternal.

Footage of his last show in Detroit.