Discovered Artists

Discovered Artists

World Rock Countdown Season 3: Episode 8: Rudy Sarzo ( Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Blue Oyster Cult, The Guess Who)

World Rock Countdown S3EP8 – Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult, Whitesnake)

World Rock Countdown Season 3: Episode 7: Virus ( DOPE, DEVICE)

World Rock Countdown S3EP7 featuring VIRUS (DOPE, Device)

World Rock Countdown Season 3: Episode 6: Dave Sharpe ( Dead By Wednesday)

World Rock Countdown S3EP6 – Dave Sharpe (Dead By Wednesday, Blood Has Been Shed)

World Rock Countdown Season 3: Episode 5: Jason Hartless

World Rock Countdown – Season 3 Episode 5

World Rock Countdown – Season 3: Episode 4: Billy Grey (Fozzy)

World Rock Countdown Season 3 Episode 4

World Rock Countdown – Season 3: Episode 3: SAUL

World Rock Countdown – Season 3 Ep 3

World Rock Countdown – Season 3: Episode 2 : ZFG

World Rock Countdown – Season 3 Episode 2: ZFG

World Rock Countdown – Season 3: Episode 1

Shake Shake Go – Fake Love  ( London England)

Glass Tides –  Empty Thoughts (Australia)

Better Half –  Rest Your Head (Australia)

Walking On Cars – Monster ( Ireland)

Bay Faction- It’s Perfect(USA)

Revive The Rose – Bad Blood (Canada)

Nocebo – Jag Samlar( Sweden)

La Dispute Fulton Street- ( USA)

Can’t Swim- What Have We Done?  (USA)

Call Me Karizma – Serotonin (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 20

The Dead Love –  Wake Up (Australia)

Shangrila – Temptress (Australia)

Idle Lives – Distress Signal (USA)

Silent Rival – Just One Voice (USA)

The Faceplants – Unholy (Canada)

Bend Sinister – Gang of Wolves (Canada)

Deap Vally – Bring it On (USA)

Dilly Dally –  I feel Free (CANADA)

  Slothrust – Peach (USA)

Valeras – PainKiller (UK)19

World Rock Countdown- Season 2: Episode 19

Cortes – A Cut Above (London England)

Fling – Extra Special (UK)

The Vegan Leather – I take American (UK)

The Old Pink House – Jaded (UK)

Oh, Weatherly – I think i want you (USA)

Ice Nine Kills – Amercian Nightmare (USA)

Fuzzy Love – Want Love (UK)

Secret American – Warmth & Shelter (USA)

Drahla – Twelve Divisions (UK)

Pist idiots – Smile ( Australia)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 18

Crocodylus –  My Love (Australia) ,Good Doogs – So Dumb (Australia)  , Press Club – Suburbia, Boston Manor – Halo (UK) , The Reality of Yourself – Wicked World (USA) , Razz – Ketamine ( Germany) ,Aaron Taos – Twisted (USA) , Bass Drum Of Death – Heavy ( UK) ,Des Rocs – Used to the Darkness (USA),Spirit Animal – Yeah! (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 17

Cut Glass Kings – Shadow of You (UK), Elliot Root – Wicked Lies (USA), Northern National- Slow Down (USA), The Unlikely Candidates – Oh My Dear Lord (USA) ,Hundredth – Youth (USA) , No Fit State – On Your Own (UK), The Faim – Summer is A  Curse (Australia) ,Trophy Eyes – You Can Count on ME (Australia), Bakers Eddy – Good Decisions (New Zealand), Captives -Paint it In Blue (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 16

Oh Maddie – Youth  (USA), Mobley – Torch (USA) ,Grumble Bee – Heron (UK), Ruler – Petrified (USA), Silent War – Animals (Netherlands) , DeWolff – Big Talk (Netherlands),We Were Glue – Stuck In Love (UK), Brand New Friend – Girl (UK) ,Atlas Bird – Halos ( Germany), Light Up The Sky – Hard To Love (USA)

World Rock Countdown- Season 2: Episode 15

RadioBlack – Into The Sky (USA), Mourners – 510 Apt 3 (USA), Indoor Pets – So Soon (UK), Monico Blonde – Flowers on Tarmac  (UK), Larkins – Something Beautiful (UK), Honey Arcade – What A Waste (UK), Wharves – High School Hero (Australia), Locals – White Socks (London), Darren Gooder – Footsteps (CANADA), Wrong Turn Again – Threat (Sweden)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 14

Dear Boy- Love Interests (USA), Paisley Sundae – L.U.V. (UK), Ascot Royals- Evil I Know (Canada), The Bongo Club- Tell Your Friends (Sweden), King Shelter- Teeth & Claws (USA), Picturesque- Dead Flowers (USA), Dead Favours –Better The Weather (New Zealand), Micky James – Give It To Me Straight (USA), Rascalton- Police (UK), Racing- Motel (New Zealand)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2:Episode 13

Renegades – IHYMS (USA), New Years Day – Disgust (USA), Sever – Static Scream (Latvia), Bellevue Days – Faith (UK), Dream State – White Lies (UK), Mock Love- We Shouldn’t Play The Slave (USA), A Scent Like Wolves -Rat Race (USA) ,  The Charming Liars- Like A Drug (USA), Crossing The Limits – Predictable (UK), Them Evils – Got Me Rockin’ (USA).

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 12

The Republic of Wolves – Bask (USA), The Noble- Helmet (USA), Weigh the Anchor – Recovery(Canada), Lowell – War Face (Canada), The Preoccupations  – Espionage (Canada), Black River Delta – Rodeo(Sweden), Madsen – Ruckenwind(Germany), Favx – Fireking(UK), Heavy Rapids – Crying Shame (UK), Annabel Allum – Beat The Birds(England)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 11

Honey And Salt – A Nihilist Takes Up Knitting (USA), L.I.F.T. – Cassette (USA), The Alpha Fire (USA) – Trail of Tears ,Fall Of Envy – Shattered (USA), Betamensch – Surreal (Germany) , Barns Courtney – Sinners (England) , Lady Moustache – Next To You (Germany), Lady Bird – Social Potions (England), Mick Blankenship – Transcend the Machine (USA), The Standstills – Wild (Canada)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 10 – Dash Cooper

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode #10

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 9

The Wake Woods – Mad Dogs on Fire ( Germany),  Sunflower Bean – Human For (USA), Stone Horses – Reckless Ways (USA),Saint PHNX – One ( UK), Retro Video Club – Chemistry (UK), Ducking Punches – With Unfounded Hope (Uk), Hail Sagan – Doors Will Open (USA), Flowers for Daniel – YWG (CANADA),  Cold Years – Seasons (UK) , Veridian – Follow

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 8

Pearl Jam – Can’t Deny Me(USA), Bad Wolves – Toast To The Ghost(USA), Shinedown- Devil (USA), The Elm Tree Circle – The Lease (Germany), Ripe & Ruin – Fix You(Germany) , Spanish Love Songs – Bellyache (USA), Zayde Wolf – Gladiator (USA), TRC- Moaner (UK), Reverence – Fire Lord (USA),  Robert DeLong ft K.Flay- Favourite Colour is Blue (USA), Car Seat Headrest – Nervous Young Inhumans(USA).

World Rock Countdown- Season 2: Episode 7

Evergrey Interview

World Rock Countdown Season 2: EP #7 – EVERGREY

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 6 

Deadset Society – Automatic (Canada), Queen Zee – Idle Crown (UK), Rivals – Over It (USA), The Dangerous Summer – Fire (USA), The Morningsiders – Cherry (USA), Bloodywood- Heavy (India), Savage Hands – Red (USA) Sleep Science – We Could Never Be (Canada), Cabbage – Arms of Pleonexia  (UK), The New Age – Placebo (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 5

FEVA – Blind (UK), Holy Bouncer -Coyote (Spain), Prism Tats – Daggers (South Africa), Saytr Play -Don’t Go East (UK), Offended by Everything – Best Intentions (USA), Before I Turn – Bereave (USA), SKIES- Live Outside (UK), Skylines – Sunface (USA) ,High Tropics – You Never Made It Easy (Australia), Assuming We Survive – California Stoned(USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 4

After The Lounge – Easy Love (Canada),  Pleasure Heads – Concrete Lips (UK), Messer – Make This Life (USA), Rival Town – Colder (Canada), Year of The Locust – Sunrise (USA), October Ends- From The Inside (UK), Anteros – Love (UK), LUCIA – Melted Ice Cream (UK), Turnstile-Moon (USA),  The Garden – No Destination (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2:Episode 3 – Inside the Music with Marc Rizzo

Inside the Music: Marc Rizzo

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 2

Safemode – This is Now (Sweden), Overhung – Sex Machine (India), Nerv- Enemy (USA), Parkside – Paste (Canada), Bedroom Talk – Worried (Canada), The Black Frame Spectacle – Kick it Around (Canada),  Nervus – Sick Sad World (UK), Arborview – Stormy Weather (Australia), For The Fallen Dreams – Stone (USA), The Avalanche Diaries – Shredded  Pieces (Italy) 

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Episode 1

Chief State – Bridges (Canada),  NU-95 – For What It’s Worth (USA), Ded Rabbit- Pressure Pusher (UK), Welcome Home – Feel You There (USA), Incase We Crash – Straight to the Head (Canada), Homebound – Bound To Be (UK), Solence – Legends Never Die (Sweden), Turbowolf – Domino (UK), The Vaccines – I Can’t Quit (UK), Siamese Cats – Kono Mana Ga ii Ne (Japan)

World Rock Countdown – Season 2: Kick off! – Inside the Music: Grandson

Inside the Music: grandson

World Rock Countdown – Episode 20

Call Me Moon  – See You Tonight(CANADA), Detour – Sparks (USA), Septa- Redrum (Ukraine), BiSH- Here’s Looking At You, Kid.  (Japan), Reigning Days – Gravity (UK), Foreign Air- Chakra Daemon (USA) , This is Decibel – Take The Life(USA), Vicious- S.O.O.(USA), Castlecomer – If I Could Be Like You ( Australia) , Bleacher Days – Some Strain of You (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 19

Amber Town – Bloom (Italy), Belle Haven – You (Australia), Thornhill- Limbo (Australia) , The Unguided -Nighttaken (Sweden), Modern Whale – How Deep We Get (USA), Early Humans – Sexy Lexi (USA), Speech Patterns – High Regard (USA), Mt.Joy- Silver Lining (USA), Luna Bay- Little Amsterdam (UK), Hightown Parade – Choose (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 18

Romancer- Nausicaa (Canada), These New South Wales – Cholesterol Heart (Australia), Nicumo- Poltergeist (Finland), DZ Deathrays – Total Meltdown (Australia), Cult to Follow – Perfect (USA), Father Mountain – Friends (USA), The Dunts – Dimitri (UK), Wilder- California (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 17

IOV – Millions of People (Canada), The Himalayas – Sigh on a Hurricane (UK), Normandie – Ghost ( Sweden) , Cleopatrick – Hometown (Canada), The White Dominos – Everybody’s Watching (Denmark), Sophisticated Dingo – Money ( Australia), Capitano – My Bad (Canada/Germany), Polaris – Lucid (Australia), Island Apollo – Feeling You (USA), Tired Lion – Fresh ( Australia)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 16

Of Allies- Collapse (UK), Otherkin- Treat Me So Bad (UK), We Were Sharks – Beyond Repair (Canada), The Hunna- Summer (UK), DRMCTHR – Blacked Out (USA), Oxenfree – Machine(USA), Domiko – Macoroni Gratin ( Japan), Merge – Skins ( France), Big Spring – Coming Down, Mainland- I Found God (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 15

The Amazons- Junk Food Forever (UK), Centerfolds- Greatest Debt (USA), Coat Check Girl-Audience of None (USA) , Cold Years- Spit Blood(UK), Fame on Fire- ..Ready For It? (USA), The Score- Legend (USA), Only Shadows- Fight Milk(UK), coldrain- Decade in the Rain (Japan) , Newspeak- What We Wanted (Japan), Shungudzo – Long Live The Billionaire (Zimbabwe)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 14

Holy Wars- Cruel World (USA), Hippo Campus- baseball ( USA), Plastic Picnic – Bite(USA), Judas- Ceasefire (UK), BLOXX- Curtains (UK), Are We Static – Heartbreaker(UK), The Magic Gang- Alright (UK), Martin Skar Berger – We Are The Walking Dead (Norway), Shout Out Louds – Jumbo Jet (Sweden), Attractions – Knock Away  (Japan) The New Single from A Perfect Circle, and Tribute to Gord Downie of Tragically Hip

World Rock Countdown – Episode 13

Rosedale – What We Started ( Canada),Sons of Texas – Beneath the Riverbed (USA),Lost In Stereo – Tear Out the Pages ( Scotland), The Fluids – Creatures (USA),Selfish Things – Hangman (Toronto), Cloud Control – Treetops(Australia),The XCERTS – Daydream (UK),Deaf Havana (England) Ashes,Ashes,Shaka Ponk – Gung Ho (France) , Slang – Murder (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 12

Featuring:  Citizen Soldier – Soldier (USA),  Matt Mays – Drive On (Canada), Beat Steaks – Breakdown (Germany), grandson – War ( Canada), Far From Alaska – Cobra (Brazil), Dube’ – Pretty Girls On Bikes (Canada), Catholic Action – Black & White (Scotland), Loveless – Kill Time (UK), The Blue Stones – Black Holes (Canada), Lovelytheband – Broken (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 11

Featuring: P.O.D – Starboy Killa (USA), Alvvays – Plimsoll Punks (Canada),  Stereophonics – Caught By The Wind (UK),  Hundred Suns – Fractional (Canada),  Rescue Rangers – Treading Water ( France), Ten Tonnes – Cracks Between (UK), Annisokay – Blind Lane (Germany), Another Day’s Armor – Simple As Sin (USA), Wild Lies – Save Your Breath (UK), Across The Atlantic – 24 Hours (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 10

Featuring: Our Last Night- HUMBLE. (USA), Resolve – Rapture (France),  Tigress – Headaches (UK), Written By Wolves – Starlight (New Zealand), Arcane Roots – Curtains (England), The Pale White – Downer (UK), Owel – All I’ll Ever Know (USA),  Western Scene – Going Back (USA), METZ – Mess of Wires (Canada), Awake at Last – Reflections ( Denmark)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 9

Featuring:  Mondo Cozmo – Come With Me (USA), Marrok-One Night in Hell (Austria), Don Broco- Technology (UK), Crossfaith, Jesse – Rockstar Steady (Japan), Serious Black – Serious Black Magic (Greece,Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, USA), Screaming For Silence – House of Glass (USA), The New Roses – Dancing On A Razorblade (Holland), Moretta – Revive the Broken (USA), The Sherlocks – Escapade (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 8

Featuring:  Mallory Knox – Sugar (UK), Ego Kill Talent – My Own Deceiver (Brazil), Awaken The Giant – I Fooled You (USA), Arrows of Love – Signals (UK), Vistas – Hold Me (Scotland), Bobaflex – Long Time Coming (USA), We Are The Empty – Alone in the Snow (USA), West Thebarton – Moving Out (Australia, Congression – Rigged to Blow (Canada), I Am Haunted – Curses (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 7

Featuring:  Grave Pleasures – Infatuation Overkill (Findland), Marina City – Dreamers Never Die (USA), Boy Band – Up From The Mud (USA), The Brave – Ethereal (Australia), Cold Black- Dead End Eyes (Denmark), The Gospel Youth – Wildfire (UK), Calling All Captains – Nerve (Canada), Fizzy Blood – Summer of Luv (UK), Phantom Atlantic – Frontiers (Canada), Fighting Sides – Altar (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 6

Featuring: Jesper Binzer- The Future is Now (Denmark), YONAKA – Wouldn’t Wanna Be YA (UK) , Acres – Say Goodbye (UK), In Motive – The Disconnect (USA), 12 Stones- Lerlene (USA), End of Green – Send in the Clowns (Germany), Diablo Blvd.- Animal (Belgium), Loaded Guns (USA) – Bring Us Down, Celldweller- Too Many Tears (USA), Ghost Atlas – Cry Wolf (USA)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 5

Featuring: The Penelopes – Roses ( France), VENIX (Germany), Get Busy Living  – Burn and Repeat ( USA), L’ Rock (Canada) , Super Best Friends Club – Love is a Morning (England), Wolf Parade – Valley Boy (CAN), Milkhouse – Next Step (Iceland), A Broken Silence – So We March To The Stars (Australia), Eyes Wide Open – You Are Still You(Sweden) + Tribute to Chester Bennington * Linkin Park – One Step Closer

World Rock Countdown – Episode 4

Featuring: BROOMFILLER -Figure It Out Quickly(CAN), Sundara Karma  – Explore( UK), G.C.G. – Citizens of Nowhere (CAN), The Dead-On – Lovesick (Denmark), MartinRubashov – Muddy Mountain King(Sweden), Josh Todd & The Conflict – The Year of The Tiger (USA), DYGL – Let It Sway(JAPAN), Wayland – Through the Fire (USA), The Moose  – Unique New York (USA), Pulled Apart By Horses – The Big What If (UK)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 3

  1. Milk Teeth – Owning Your Okayness (England)
  2. Evergrey – My Allied Ocean (Sweden)
  3.  Stone Sour – Knievel Has Landed (USA)
  4. Ded – Dead To Me (USA)
  5.  Days of Jupiter – Awakening (Sweden)
  6.  Slotface – Nancy Drew (Norway)
  7.  The Night Cafe – Felicity (UK)
  8. Phedora – The Way Is Shut (Poland)
  9.  Young Kings – Piece by Piece (UK)
  10.  High Love – No Longer Yours ( Canada)

World Rock Countdown – Episode 2

  1. The Middle Kids – Never Start (Australia)
  2. Farmer Boys – You and Me ( Germany)
  3. Slotface – Magazine (Norway)
  4.  Alazka – Empty Throne ( Germany)
  5. Hockey Dad – A Night Out With (Wales)
  6.  Circa Waves – Fire That Burns (England)
  7.  Seether – Something Else ( South Africa)
  8.  Blind Channel – Alone Against All ( Finland)
  9.  Lovex – Dust in Diamonds (Finland)
  10.  Tribute to Chris Cornell: Audioslave – Be Yourself


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