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Inside The Music – Interview with George Rock from World Rock Countdown


Stone Sour rocks Outshined for Chris Cornell!


Howl Said The Wolves – Oppror

First thing I realized once the first track “Hobson’s Choice” kicked in is that this record is very well mixed. It’s very rare these days to be able to hear all instrumentals in a mix with clarity. Props to Siegfried Meir for producing a solid record. The bands sound is described as very modern, mixed with some reminders of Rage Against the Machine. If I were to give you three bands HSTW relates too its Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and The Deftones. From the guitar tones, mixed with the epic bass tone, driving drums and a very raw sounding vocal from the bands singer Karl, the band will take you an emotional journey right until the end of the 5 song record. Then you have to go back to the beginning and listen again.

Track Listing:

1. Hobson’s Choice
2. Comatose
3. Void
4. Liars Amongst Kings
5. Blackline

Check out the music video to Comatose below.