The “Magnetic North Tour” is Woodhawk’s third tour and first Eastern Canadian tour in support of their debut LP ‘Beyond The Sun’ released last April.The album was produced by Jesse Gander (Bison, Japandroids) and also features guest vocals on their track “Living In The Sand” by Kevin Keegan (Dead Quiet, ex-Mountain Dust, ex-Barn Burner) plus charted #12 on National Loud Top 20 for 2017- Canadian College Radio Charts (Earshot) and was named the best Canadian metal of 2017: Top 15, according to – #13.



This interview was done with Turner Midzain – guitar / vocals


What would say some of the bands influences are? 


We all come from different influences, and try to utilize that to its fullest when writing. We love everything from Black Sabbath to Every Time I Die, Phil Collins to Seal and Thin Lizzy to Lady Gaga. We love riffs first and foremost. That’s our bread and butter, but how we get to those riffs, stems from all over.

Your style is very stoner rock, but has some old vintage feel to it. How long did it take for the band to find its sound? 


It didn’t really take us too long to find what we wanted to do. The first song we wrote was Don’t Wake The Witch, and that song at the time, embodied what we wanted Woodhawk to sound like. We like riff forward music, with elements of groove and catchy melodies. So we knew what we wanted to do very early on. But crafting it and making it better is always an ongoing process.


You’re on the road in Canada, can you take us back to one of your favourite moments on tour?


We love touring. We all individually love driving around Canada even when not in the bus. It’s beautiful. We had such a blast last year touring Western Canada with Dead Quiet. We hadn’t done a long run with another band before, so that was a lot of fun to being on the road for a couple weeks with some of our best pals. There is always great inside jokes on the road and camaraderie between us on the road. We love it.

How did you meet? 


Mike and I met back in Elementary school when we were 10. So we go way way back. Mike actually taught me how to play guitar at a sleep over when we were kids. And I was hooked ever since. We’ve always been in various bands together. When Woodhawk first got started up, we had friend just filling in on drums to get us started. And that’s where we met Kevin. We played with one of his other bands at the time and just formed a good friendship. So when we were looking for a permanent drummer, he was the first one to reach out to us. 


Are you flames fans? Who do you rep? 


Not really. Not big hockey followers in general.


Who came up with the name Riff Rock Wizardry? (Slow Clap)


That was the previous writer of our bio. Just kind of mashing words together I guess.


Do you book your own tours? if so, describe how difficult the process is? 


We book all our own tours. It’s rewarding in a sense to make a plan and see it come together, but also stressful to juggle dates, venues and other bands. I find it’s more difficult to book a new town for the first time. We book Western Canada fairly easily because we know a lot of venues, promoters and bands, so having a bit of an established following makes it easier to book. This being our first out East was trickier mainly by not knowing as many people. But all the bands we’re playing with on this run were so helpful and accommodating. That’s the nice thing about the music scene here, most musicians are willing to help each other out. 


Who are some of the bands you’re listening to? anything new?


We’re lucky to call some of our favourite bands friends. They make the best records. Dead Quiet’s latest release, the new Black Wizard album, and Bort. For more mainstream stuff, I’ve been hooked on The Dirty Nil and The Beaches lately. We’re always rotating new bands when on tour. Everyone always shares their interests. Some you love, some you hate.


Does Woodhawk aspire to tour full-time? and what are the steps to get there?


We try to tour when we want and how we want. Sometimes that’s longer stretches and sometimes it’s just weekends. We have bigger plans that will be put in motion for heading overseas and through the US. But right now we’re focusing on Canada. We like to make sure our foot is on stable ground before we start walking. And we need to walk before we run. I’m not sure we’d ever be a “full time” touring band. But it will definitely increase over the years. We felt Beyond The Sun was a great way to kind of make a mark. So hopefully with the next album, we can start making bigger moves.

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World Rock Countdown – Season 2 EP #5

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Marc Rizzo, is one of the busiest musicians in the game. He plays lead guitar in Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly, Dead By Wednesday, and his own solo project. He stopped by the World Rock Countdown to talk about a brand new solo record, Soulfly, and life on the road.  You don’t want to miss this!

Inside the Music: Marc Rizzo

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There’s been a buzz about Year of the Locust for quite sometime now.  They’ve seen some great stages and opened for some very well-known acts along the way.

2018 is YOTL’s year, with new music on the way and a solid tour already in progress it won’t be long until they headline in 2019.  

Check out our exclusive interview below: 

 How long has the band been together?

The band has been together two and a half years.

What are some memorable experiences you’ve had on the road?

By far, playing a sold out crowd of 3,000+ people, and meeting the most amazing fans ever.

 You’re on the road with Starset at the end of the month, do you like touring?

Yes we are with Starset, Grabbitz and Palisades.
We absolutely love it! It has its challenges but completely worth it!

When you’re not on the road, how does the band keep occupied off the road?

We’re always writing music, and spending time with friends and family.

 Recently Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries passed away, how did her music influence the band?

Wow, yeah it’s still unbelievable to us you know? Still hurt from Prince, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Tom Petty, and Malcolm Young.
It hurts to see the songwriters and entertainers that you look up too leave this earth, but their legacy will live on through family, fans, and everyone who supports music and following their dreams.

What are some of your favourite upcoming bands out there?

Scars Heal in Time and Sons of Texas to name a few!

 Your last release was in 2016, is there new Year of The Locust on the way?

Absolutely there is!! We just wrapped up a few weeks in a cabin and in the studio with Producer Brian Bonds formerly “Florida Georgia Line”. We created something amazing! Our first single is titled “Sunrise”!

What is some advice you can give a band starting out?

Follow your heart, save your money, never give up, and always kiss and thank your momma!


Jake E Lee, apparently knows that you can drink a whole bottle of Jack..can you elaborate on that experience ?

Uhhhh…..we plead the fifth on that one!
Haha, we had a great time with Jake and crew! Awesome guys, and they know how to have a good time!

 What are some bands you hope tour with?

Asking Alexandria, nothing more, Dmx, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach!

 Year of The Locust’s goals for 2018 are?

A continuation from last year!
Swarm and take over the world!
Oh and get some fish and chips in London!



With the passing of the great Dolores O’Riordan, I started looking back on The Cranberries discography. Dolores had a unique style and was respected by almost everyone in the music industry. Here’s the top 5 songs the Cranberries have put out:

 1 . Zombie

When you hear the bands name, this song echoes in your head.

“Zombie” is a protest song by Irish rock band The Cranberries, written about the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington, and in memory of two young victims, Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry. It was released in September 1994 as the lead single from their second studio album, No Need to Argue (1994). The song was written by the band’s lead singer Dolores O’Riordan, and reached No. 1 on the charts in Australia, Belgium, France, Denmark and Germany.

It won the “Best Song” award at the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards

2. Ode To My Family

It was released in November 1994 as the second single from their second studio album No Need to Argue. The song was a hit in most of the European countries where it was released, peaking at number four in France, its highest position internationally, and number five in Australia. In 2017, the song was released as an acoustic, stripped down version on the band’s Something Else album.

3.  Dreams

It was released in 1992 as the band’s debut single, later appearing on the studio album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?. An early 1990 version was released in Ireland only in the summer of that year. It reached the Top 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Airplay and the top 30 on the UK charts in early 1994.

The backing vocals on the song are sung by Mike Mahoney, ex-boyfriend of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. This hit was also a main feature of the Cranberries in the 1994 Woodstock Revival Festival.

In 2017, the song was released as an acoustic, stripped down version on the band’s Something Else album.

4.  Analyse

It was the first single from their fifth studio album, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, released in 2001. The promotional video, directed by Keir McFarlane, had to be edited in consequence of the 9/11 attacks, which was partly responsible for the single’s low chart positions in their native Ireland (number 28, their eleventh and last Top 40 hit there) and the UK (number 89, their first single to miss the top 40 since “Animal Instinct”), but became a Top 5 hit in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

5. When You’re Gone

It is the third single from their third studio album To the Faithful Departed (1996). The music video was directed by Karen Bellone and was released at the end of 1996. The song was first played during the North American leg of the No Need to Argue Tour in Autumn 1994. In 2017, the song was released as an acoustic, stripped down version on the band’s Something Else album

What Cranberries is your favourite?  Have your say in the comments or email me